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Cupcakes & Cakes
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Cookie Decorating Kits

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Product Flavors & Price List

Please scroll down to see our delicious assortment of baked goods, including Scones, Muffins, Loaves, Cinnamon Rolls, Cookies, Cakes and more.

If there is something special that you want, that’s not on our menu, please contact us, by email, phone, or text, to discuss your needs.

OMG I just had the best black forest cake and a cheesecake that Jenifer made me.
It is so Amazing.
Scone Rollin is my new and forever Go to Bakery!!!
It has so much taste and flavor.
It is so fresh and yummy.
Thank you Jenny ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lori Grech Martinelli

Weekly Specials

Weekly specials are listed on social media

Holiday Menu

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Christmas Cookies 3


1.     Blueberry Lemon with lemon glaze
2.     Cranberry Orange with orange glaze
3.     Raisin or Currant with icing
4.     Chocolate Chip with icing
5.     Raspberry chocolate chip with vanilla glaze
6.     Raspberry almond with  vanilla almond glaze
7.     Cinnamon chocolate chip with vanilla glaze
8.     Lemon Poppy Seed with vanilla glaze
9.     Strawberry Lemon with vanilla glaze
10.   Apple crumble with apple glaze
11.    Green Onion and Gruyere Cheese
12.   Sharp Cheddar and Jalapeno
13.   Herb Parmesan

Seasonal Scones
Strawberry Vanilla

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Cookie Decorating Kits


– Birthday
– Anniversary
– Baby shower
– Engagement
– Graduation
– All holiday’s

– Custom theme!  Create your own kit by picking 4 cookie shapes, and choose your 3 icing colors

*All kits come with 12 cookies, 3 bags of icing and 3 bags of sprinkles.

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Cupcakes & Cakes

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Image of Scone Rollin Bakery-Petaluma-St. Patrick's Day Cake
Image of Scone Rollin Bakery-Petaluma-Cake-2
Image of Scone Rollin Bakery-Petaluma-Happy Birthday Cake

Flavor Options

1.   Chocolate
2.   Yellow Cake
3.   Red Velvet
4.   Funfetti

Frosting Options

1.   Chocolate
2.   Vanilla
3.   Cream Cheese
4.   Funfetti

Filling Options

(additional $6)
1.   Vanilla Custard
2.   Chocolate Ganache
3.   White Chocolate Ganache
4.   Lemon Curd
5.   Whip Cream

Pricing – Cupcakes
Basic Cupcakes (includes, sprinkles. For additional design, such as; cake toppers, flowers, etc. pricing will vary)

Pricing – Cakes

Basic Cake Pricing (includes: sprinkles and writing. For additional design, such as flowers, etc. pricing will vary)

 – 6 inch smash cake (1 layer) – $35
– 6 inch 3 layer – $55
– 8 inch 3 layer – $75
– 10 inch 3 layer – $100

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Pantry Goods

I love the quality, presentation and taste!!

And of course the Baker behind all these goodies.
Debra Friedrichsen

Deliveries in Petaluma are completed in the mornings between 8-10am.