About Me

Hi! I'm Jen Tribolet - A local Baker in Petaluma,

Petaluma’s pride, along with my own, drive me to success.  I bake to make Petaluma happy!  The overwhelming local support is what keeps this one woman show baker moving forward in her bakery!

Making people smile through baking is something that warms my heart!  

Baking with love, I think, makes all the difference for this one women show baker!

Everything is done out of my own kitchen, by process of the Cottage Food License.  


Image Jen Tribolet - a woman baker in Petaluma
Everyone’s got a passion, and mine is baking!

Scones, muffins, croissants, cookies, brownies, cakes, and more!

It’s time to share my love for baking and see those smiling faces!  

I’ve got to start somewhere and I’m starting here.

Baked goods made with love!